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(The 1421 Heresy published by Author House in 2005 is a previous edition of this book. That edition is outdated.)


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On Taxation

A look at taxation and the arguments for its implemenation

Kong: Skull Island—A Movie Review

What special effects! Oh, there are actors too.

The Great Wall—A Movie Review

Thoughts on Zhang Yimou's epic Matt Damon movie.

Arrival—A Movie Review

An intellectual alien come to Earth movie. Is it any good?

Clinton Email Drama Act 3

Will President Donald Trump go after Hillary Clinton on the email scandal as promised?

A Post-Election Rumination

Democrat protesters riot in the streets. They don't like Donald Trump being elected president.

A Post-Trump Election Prognostication

Now that we have elected Satan himself, what is he going to do?

The 2016 US Presidential Election

Understanding the Presidential Election.

The Hillary Clinton Email Debacle

Clinton FBI email case is reopened.

The Hillary Clinton Email Affair

Clinton is off the hook. Should she be?

Yulin dog meat festival

Don't judge China unless you criticise meat eating in the West

Chinese TV Detergent Commercial Racism

“Racist” Chinese TV commercial featuring a skit about a washing machine...

A Thinking Person’s Thoughts on Transgender Bathrooms

Recently a great hoopla has been going on in the United States of America. It is about where a transgender person should...

A Short Course on Putonghua

The Chinese script is what unifies the Chinese language. That is to say, all Chinese, regardless of what dialect they speak...

Use at Your Own Peril

Almost every time I went to McDonald’s or Burger King I complained about their WIFI services

Global Warming

The Earth’s climate is neither uniform nor regular. We all know that. The warm summers and cold winters...



Algebra is actually quite easy; a lot easier than trigonometry, geometry, physics, chemistry, English literature, and even physical education and home economics. What you need is just proper guidance.

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